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Distinguished Speaker Series
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2015: James McClelland

2015: Richard N. Aslin

2012: Susan Carey

2010: Jeffrey L. Elman

2005: Dedre Gentner

2004: Eve Clark

2003 P. Johnson-Laird

2002: R. Jackendoff

2001: T. Deacon

2000: S. Palmer

1999: M. Posner

1998: M. Bowerman

1997: R. Schank

1996: J. Bruner

1995: D. Dennett

1994: N. Chomsky



Since 1995, the Center has hosted an annual series of Distinguished Speakers in Cognitive Science.

This series brings to UB some of the most preeminent scholars in cognitive science. Each speaker gives a major address that has been widely advertised at UB in both faculty and student venues, over the local Buffalo media to attract members of the public, and at neighboring colleges and universities.

In addition, each speaker gives a more specialized talk to the usual UB cognitive science community and, thirdly, engages in an evening discussion in the home of a Cognitive Science faculty member with especially interested cognitive science participants.

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